Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix


Learn why people love Glee® All-Purpose Potting Mix.

“So little maintenance is needed for plants with this product. This works well for the novice indoor gardener and the sophisticated indoor gardener.

“Plants with this product make a perfect gift for those who do not want any work.”
— Eileen L.
“We are retired and love to do a few pots on our front patio. It's gotten harder each year for us to move the larger pots around. We heard that Glee was lighter, so we decided to give it a try. Not only was it easy and less messy to plant, I can now move our heavy pots with ease.”
— David
“I typically plant 10 to 12 pots and hanging baskets of the same variety each year. My flowers are almost double the size of where they usually are at this time! They also don't need to be watered as often, even on these 90-degree days. Thank you, Glee, for making me look like a pro!”
— Michelle
“For someone that has accidentally let more plants die than I care to admit and always forgets to water them, this soil has been a game changer! It keeps my plants alive between waterings and not just alive but thriving. My plants that don’t have this soil do not grow as fast or as big as the ones using this. It also is less of a mess than typical potting soil, which for a busy mom, is also great! It gave me a green thumb I’ve never had and is perfect for this busy mom who wants plants but can’t be held to a strict water schedule! Now I can finally have plants in my house!”
— Liz D.
“I love that there is no mess and lightweight, but my plants in pots with Glee are healthier and bigger than any others. Glee is my new go-to potting mix!”
— Carmin
“I just moved into my first place and am new to gardening. A friend told me about Glee. I was a little nervous about growing things in general though I have been so happy with Glee. I work long hours and have loved how forgiving Glee is. It's definitely a low-maintenance, high-performance potting mix for a novice like me!”
— Becca
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