Glee Potting Mix

The first true innovation in potting mix since… well, a long time.

The Magic of HydraFiber®

The magic of Glee starts with HydraFiber®, an advanced growing medium that’s not actually magic (we think…). It’s science! HydraFiber® is made of thermally-refined pine bark and chips that have been put through our patented process to make this seemingly-magical product. 

What does that geekspeak mean for you and your plants? Let’s take off this lab coat and tell you.

It means consistent results, every time. It means better root development and more efficient water absorption. It means you can keep your area tidier and your hands cleaner, and have less cleanup. It means a happier, easier way to grow that feels like, well… magic!

Ready to experience it for yourself?


We’ve got answers.

Glee is a proprietary blend of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, HydraFiber®, limestone, gypsum, a wetting agent, and fertilizer. HydraFiber® is a thermally refined fiber made from pine trees, which gardeners can feel great about using, since it’s made entirely of renewable resources and helps reduce carbon footprint.

Gone! Those little white pieces are called perlite, which is a mined volcanic rock that has traditionally been used to add air space to potting mixes. 

The problem with perlite is that it’s often sourced from far away places, which can make it pricey. So, most potting soil companies will cut costs by greatly reducing the amount of perlite down to 5%, which is enough to show that the potting mix has perlite in it, but not enough to add good airspace to the mix – so it’s there, but it’s not doing anything. 

Other potting soils shifted to using pine bark to add airspace because it is cheap and does a good job aerating the mix, but it’s also why most potting soils are so heavy. HydraFiber® aerates the soil better than perlite or bark, without sacrificing water holding capacity, and it weighs 90% less than bark. That’s what we call a win-win-win… win.

Yes, in several ways. Plants growing in Glee can be watered less than most traditional potting mixes, which helps retain nutrients better and helps conserve water. Also, Life Cycle Analyses have shown that HydraFiber® can be produced and shipped with a considerably lower CO2 footprint than other raw materials. Win! 

It works great for both! Glee was designed to have excellent performance for indoor and outdoor plants.

Essentially, yes. Because Glee is lighter-weight and fluffier than other potting mixes, it might require a little more firmness when potting up your plants than you’re used to. Also, the HydraFiber® mix will “surface dry” quicker than other potting mixes, which means that while the upper ½” may look dry, the water is being held beneath the surface where the roots can actually use it. So, before you water, it is important to stick your finger below the surface to determine if it is wet or dry. 

Absolutely. Glee can be used as a stand-alone mix to fill raised beds to grow your favorite flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies. It is most often used in flower pots, hanging baskets, and raised beds, but Glee can be used just about anywhere and for anything you plant! 

That too. Glee can be used to prepare in-ground gardens and has been proven effective across a multitude of different crops. We recommend spreading several inches of Glee Potting Mix over the surface of the area to be planted and tilling in by hand with a shovel or roto-tiller.

Glee comes packaged as a highly-compressed material, which is why it’s in a small and lightweight bag. It expands to 2.5x its size, though, so the 0.4 cubic foot bag will actually yield 1 cubic foot of potting mix – matching other similar mixes in the market. One bag of Glee is enough to fill 25 quarts!

We made a chart to help with this: 

Glee should be stored in a cool, dry location, and you should avoid adding water to it until you’re ready to use it. Glee contains fertilizers that release over time, so keeping it dry and cool will protect the fertilizer and keep it from releasing too soon.

Yes, you can, but there are some things you should do when you use it. First, Glee contains something called a wetting agent, which is kind of like a soap in a way that helps the product wet up easily. These wetting agents break down over time because of microbes naturally found in the potting soil, so over time they won’t work as well. If the mix feels excessively dry and dusty, we recommend adding some water to the mix in a bucket or container and mixing it in by hand. After mixing, let it sit 24 hours prior to use – this will naturally rehydrate the mix and help it be ready to use. 

Second, the fertilizer in Glee is coated so it can feed your plants for up to 6 months. These fertilizers naturally release even when no plants are growing in the mix/bag because of elements like water and heat. When bags of Glee are stored for a very long time, the fertilizer can build up in the mix and make it too salty for plant roots. So, if it’s been stored for a long time, we recommend that you leach the mix with plain water before you plant with it. To do this, fill the pot you’re going to plant in with Glee and simply run tap water through it. Let the water run through the mix and out through the bottom for 30-60 seconds, depending on how large the pot is, and then let the pot drain for several hours before planting. Leaching the fertilizer like this helps the long-stored mix get ready to plant, but it will reduce the fertilizer available to the plant, so using a liquid fertilizer may be beneficial depending on how long it was stored.

Get a Free Sample

We get that you might be a little skeptical. How can a normal, mundane – and probably not actually magical, but maybe it is – bag of potting mix make life so much better for your plants? It totally can, but in case you don’t believe us, there’s good news! You don’t have to take our word for it. For a limited time, we are offering free samples of Glee – just tell us where to send it.
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