Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix
Image of plants and flowers

You’re steps away from lush, vibrant plants

Glee® All-Purpose Potting Mix is perfect for houseplants, perennials, flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetables, succulents, and more. It can be used indoors and outdoors, in all types of containers.

Lightweight, compressed bag expands 2.5x its size

Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix comes in a compressed bag that fluffs to 25 quarts, the same as bigger bags. One bag fills up to 10 six-inch pots.

Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix is easy to use!

Step 1

Pick your favorite flowers, vegetables, or other plants & where you want to grow them – make sure any containers you use have drainage holes.

Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix

Step 2

Fluff up the mix with your hands & partially fill your container or raised bed. Fluffing the mix with your hands creates the volume for planting, not water. You should add water once each plant is potted.

Step 3

Position the plant root ball 1 inch from the top. Fill with mix until the roots are covered.

Step 4

Water thoroughly, top off with mix if settling occurs. The water will sit on the surface before being absorbed but don’t worry. The water will be slowly absorbed into the potting mix, where it will be gradually released to the plant.

Watering tip

Glee potting mix doesn’t need to be watered as much as other potting mixes. Before watering, check two inches below the surface with your fingers to see if it’s dry and needs more moisture.

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