Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix

It's time for beautiful, balanced plant care

Glee® All-Purpose Potting Mix gives you big, healthy plants everywhere you grow. Formulated with revolutionary HydraFiber® Technology, Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix provides balanced plant care in a compressed bag that fluffs to 25 quarts, the same as bigger bags. Your plants get superior air space for optimal root growth, outstanding moisture control, even if you forget to water, plus consistent feeding up to six months.

With Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Healthy plants and a happier you.

Contains HydraFiber technology for gauranteed results. Circular figure showing air, water, and nutrition in a cycle.

AIR Superior air space to optimize root growth
WATER Outstanding moisture control – especially when you forget to water
NUTRITION Consistent feeding up to 6 months

*When used as directed

Small, lightweight
bag, big results

Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix comes in a lightweight, compressed bag that fluffs to 25 quarts, the same as bigger bags.

Grow the ultimate tomatoes apples oregano petunias roses

Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix is great for all types of plants, both indoors and outdoors, and in all types of containers.








that grows!

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Glee All-Purpose Potting Mix?

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